RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari released at SillyVenture 2012

Once again I totally failed. Once I again I decided to enter a limited size competition because "with less space I'll be done earlier". With 10974 lines of final code, this became the largest project I've ever had so far - once again :-). All packed into 16k together with 2 girls, great music by 505 and a nice 70'ies Disco font by OOZ giving 7 minutes of effects. Fun fact: The original of the KickStart ending screen was coded 21 years ago to the day - back in 1991 on my Amiga 500 in my teenage room.

RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari RGBA - Rasters Girls Beer Atari
The download archive is available on the Atari 8-bit tab and contains a pre-configured Altirra emulator. I strongly recommend using real hardware and TV set or Altirra if that's not possible. I also created a youtube video, but as usual 30 FPS cannot give you the real feeling and smoothness.

RGBA on youtube - frame-blended recording

Fujiama 2012 - Lots of code, fun and beer

Fujiama was simply great again. I finally met 505 of Checkpoint in person, made some WUDSN customers like happy (hi 1ng), made some "prospects" new customers also (hi Norbert, I'm 'looking forward to the final Asteroids emulator) and got to know new coders (hi RA). Sascha created a great time lapse video. Click on the image below to watch it online. By the way, the small green point that doesn't move away from the keyboard all the time is me :-)

Fujiama time lapse video

Radek - you are not forgotten

One year ago, Radek Štěrba, also known as R.A.S.T.E.R., left us forever. In a few days we all will be be at the Fujiama Party - and we all will remember you. This year in in all the years to come.

Apple II - late birthday present

Why oh why am I so easy to distract. I hope the C64 people forgive me. Triggered by all the buzz about 35th anniversary of the Apple II , I had a look at the platform again and at the mails Nick Westgate wrote me quite a while back. The key issue was that there no such thing as defined executable format on the Apple II. Everything is strictly bound to the DOS and hence to the disk image. But when I realized the possibilities which arise from the idea of creating disk images directly as part of the IDE, I simply had to go and try it. Now WUDSN IDE supports the full develop, compile executable, build image, inspect image and run image required for Apple II. And I have written my first Apple II program to send greetings to the people who helped to make this work.

Apple II editor, disk image and emualtor

Site Update

After fiddling around a lot with validators and selfhtml, I finally managed to make the site work again. I should now also work fine in FireFox. The Facebook button remains removed until I found out how to make it an asynchronous call. Otherwise the site takes ages to come up.

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