Here, you can find the list of my Atari 8-bit releases. Click on the category menu entries DemosGames, and Tools on the left to get the list with all the details, including the download links for the binary, the source, and the 50 FPS video. For some of them, I have also created a small story page where you can read more about the creation and technical details of the release. The list is under construction, and the missing information, links, and stories will be added over time. I'm always happy to receive feedback if you like it so you can vote and comment on the release for the group JAC! on Pouet.

There's also a playlist of the videos on YouTubeUnfortunately, YouTube encodes mainly everything at 30 FPS, which makes my 50 FPS PAL productions look incredibly bad. Therefore, I recommend watching them on a real machine or emulator.