When I was thinking about creating tutorials, I decided not to simply write text but to create short videos instead. They are best viewed in full-screen mode and in HD video resolution. I think this is the best way to show how things are intended to be used. On the other hand, these tutorials cannot tackle every detail of a supported feature. So please also check the features section.

Part 1: Introduction, Installation and Use
Tutorial part 1
Part 2: Setting up Perspective, Views and Editors
Tutorial part 2
Part 3: Setting up Editors and File Extensions correctly
Tutorial part 3
Part 4: Syntax Highlighting and Content Assist
Tutorial part 4
Part 5: Working with Projects, Folders and Files
Tutorial part 5
Part 6: Content Outline and Navigation - the Heart of the IDE
Tutorial part 6
Part 7: New Features in Version 1.6.0
Tutorial part 7
Part 8: New Features in Version 1.6.2
Tutorial part 8
Part 9: Source Level Debugging
Tutorial part 9
Part 10: Adding Support for an Additional Assembler
Tutorial part 10
Part 11: New Features in Version 1.6.3
Tutorial part 11
Part 12: New Features in Version 1.6.4
Tutorial part 12
Part 13: New Features in Version 1.6.5
Tutorial part 13
Part 14: New Features in Version 1.6.6
Tutorial part 14
Part 15: New Features in Version 1.7.0
Tutorial part 13