When thinking about creating tutorials, I decided not to write text but to create short videos. They are best viewed in full-screen mode and HD video resolution. For me, videos are the best way to show how things are intended to be used. On the other hand, these tutorials cannot tackle every detail of a supported feature. So please also check the features section. All videos are also available for download on Pigwa.

Part 1: Introduction, Installation and Use
Tutorial part 1
Part 2: Setting up Perspective, Views, and Editors
Tutorial part 2
Part 3: Setting up Editors and File Extensions correctly
Tutorial part 3
Part 4: Syntax Highlighting and Content Assist
Tutorial part 4
Part 5: Working with Projects, Folders and Files
Tutorial part 5
Part 6: Content Outline and Navigation - the Heart of the IDE
Tutorial part 6
Part 7: New Features in Version 1.6.0
Tutorial part 7
Part 8: New Features in Version 1.6.2
Tutorial part 8
Part 9: Source Level Debugging
Tutorial part 9
Part 10: Adding Support for an Additional Assembler
Tutorial part 10
Part 11: New Features in Version 1.6.3
Tutorial part 11
Part 12: New Features in Version 1.6.4
Tutorial part 12
Part 13: New Features in Version 1.6.5
Tutorial part 13
Part 14: New Features in Version 1.6.6
Tutorial part 14
Part 15: New Features in Version 1.7.0
Tutorial part 13