ABBUC The world's greatest and biggest Atari 8-bit user club.
AtariAge The biggest English Atari 8-bit discussion forum.
Atari SAP Music Archive The Atari SAP Music Archive with thousands of Atari 8-bit tunes,
Advanced BAT to EXE Converter The Advanced BAT to EXE Converter. The safe way to create Windows executables from batch scripts.
Bodenständig 2000 The future of the past in minimalistic chip tunes.
Paul Nylander The outstanding graphics collection of mathematical algorithms was by Paul Nylanders.
EasyCounter The free website hit counter that powers this website.
Eclipse The free Java-based development environment is the basis of WUDSN IDE.
Nizagam The paper magazine was issued by Dr. Erwin Steif, the creator of the name "WUDSN".
Dimo The home of Dimo's Quest for Atari 8-bit computers.
Pouet The online demo scene resource where you can view, comment, and rate Atari 8-bit productions.