Site Update

  • Compilers download archive updated with new versions and more host platforms
    • ATASM 1.07 recompiled  for Linux (32 & 64 bit) and Mac OS X (Intel & PPC)
    • DASM 2.20.11 recompiled for Linux (32 & 64 bit) and Mac OS X (Intel & PPC)
    • MADS 1.9.8 compiled for Windows, Linux (32 & 64 bit) and Mac OS X (Intel & PPC)
    • KickAss 3.34 included
  • Zero-distribution installation updated
    • Download for Windows 32-bit now contains Vice for 32-bit and not for 64-bit
    • Source code examples and latested compilers for the Programming the Atari XL/XE video tutorials are now included
  • Two new videos have been added to the video tutorials for the Programming the Atari XL/XE 
    • System Characters Sets
    • Modified Character Sets
  • New page for my VCS demo ISO added with some information in how the logo was created in "just" 6 weeks
  • New page Tutorials added where I decsribe how you can easily create good video tutorials using free software
  • Remaining broken links in the articles should now be fixed


New video tutorial series: Programming the Atari XL/XE

After a long struggle with hardware, codecs and recording & editing software I finally managed to have a system setup where recording videos is as easy as I always wanted to have it. So I decided to finally start the tutorial series on Programming the Atari XL/XE that I had always planned.

This tutorial series complements the general tutorial series on using WUDSN IDE itself with the knowledge to the Atari XL/XE computer itself. The purpose of the tutorial is to show interested people how easy it is to control text screen, character set, colors graphics screen and sound with just a few lines of code. Starting is very easy.

The tutorial series consists of short (5-10 minutes) videos. In each video I develop and explain the code live to show you the evolution of the source and the immediate result on the Atari. 7 videos of the about 12 planned videos are now available. You can ask questions and post seed feedback via this thread on AtariAge, youtube comments or e-mail. Once I'm though with the basic stuff, I'll create individual videos for the topics you ask for.

The following videos are now available on the youtube playlist:

Demo Age: New Views

A nice article on the analysis and classification of demos was released by Canan Hastik of the MEGA Museum of Electronics Games and Art. Among other things, it contains the example analysis of the VCS demos Stella Lives! and Beam Racer. It yielded for example that BeamRacer ".. shows a massive presence of so-called "coder colours", meaning the programmer of the demo probably chose the colour scheme and visuals himself instead of relying on a graphics artist. This often results in very colourful screens using the whole RGB spectrum." And as the coder, I can confirm that this is absolutely true :-)  You can read the full article on Widescreen.

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RebbStars and Boom!k released at Revision 2014

My brand new demo RebbStars which was created together with Premium from Paradise and Rebb from TRSI was released in the Oldschool Demo competition at the Revision 2014 demo party in Saarbrücken.It is a port of the Old Cranky Style Amiga intro by Genesis Projects. On the left you can see the port, on the right you can see the original. I also created a litte 1k compo filler named Boom!k for the Oldschool 4k Intro competition at the party because SvOlli was afraid there wouldn't be enough entries. It is based on some unreleased code that was hanging around on my drive since 1991 due to missing idea what do with it. You can find the downloads and the sources for both releases on the Atari page.


Site Relaunch

After 4 weeks of hard work, the complete site is now up an running on Joomla. With a new and better content structure, faster loading, mobile compatible UI and built-in search I hope you will finally find your way to retro-coding in a visually appealing and understandble way. Thanks to Sven from the ABBUC for convincing me that a CMS is the best way to got and to Steffen for helping me in getting this up and running technically. All previous content including all news from the vers beginning have been transferred. So if you find anything that's missing or broken links, please contact me.

Site relaunch

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