• "The binary is the source" (A. Giles)
  • "Using higher-level languages like C is a waste of CPU cycles" (Unknown)
  • "This might sound confusing to you because as a matter of fact, it is confusing." (C. Fecht)
  • "And then after 3 months of analyzing we said enough, we simply upgrade and that's it." (C. Fecht)
  • "Du must die Krise zulassen" (B. Said)
  • "Du bist ein Opfer Deiner Erfahrungen" (B. Said)
  • "Nach dem Takt ist vor dem Takt" (T. Grossmann)
  • The imaginary number I. It doesn't exist. And mathematicians go, "Well, no problem, we'll just make something up". And this is where the rest of us goes, "You can't do that!". And mathematicians go, "We can do anything we want. It's imaginary, we don't care." (Dylan Beattie)
  • "We invented computers, which means taking lightning and sticking it in a rock until it learns to think." (Dylan Beattie)
  • "The Windows 3.1 school of expressionism" (Dylan Beattie)
  • "Ne leere Wand - das wär's" (Jan Himbert, 2021)
  • "Maria Himmelfahrtkommdo" (P. Dell, 2022)
  • "One is one enough" (A. Gross, 2022)
  • "Ich bin der Bär in der Brandung", "Wir kommen nicht auf einem grünen Nenner ", "Da ist der Funken gefallen", "Das macht den Schwanz auch nicht mehr dick" (Sarah N., 2019)