Silly Venture 2k14

Silly Venture 2k14 - the biggest international Atari party in history - is over and it's been a blast. Here are some of my impressions. You can click on the images to enlarge them. My personal travel featured a slightly delayed flight from Frankfurt to Gdansk... that actually ended unplanned in Posznan due the bad weather conditions on Gdansk. And after "only" 5 hours of bus ride we arrived at Gdansk airport at 1:00 am.


From there I went by taxi to Hostel Bursztynek where I had planned to share a room with Slator, who unfortunately could not attend the party in the end.

The party place was the elementary school close by and the banners outside clearly indicated that this is where the fun is.

Inside you could find what we all are dealing with since 1986: Pretty girls on disks.

Again I intentionally did not bring any computer. Instead I used the available time to talk to friends and get to know new people, like Till Harbaum, the creator of the Atari MIST.

Every visitor also received a "Have you played Atari today - we have" car plate holder, which meanwhile is mounted properly on my car of course.

You can find tons of additional pictures on After the party was over, we tried hard collecting 250 reasons for Silly Venture 2k15. And it actually looked for a while that there even would be a summer edition of the party.

Summer editon would have been great...

Yet, ultimately Grey decided that he'll not organize another edition in the future.

The sad news in Atari ST Demo scene

I am truly thankful for all he did and for the damn best demo parties I've ever been to. The days I spent in Gdansk in 2013 and 2014 are some of the most memorable moments in my life. He deserves our greatest respect for all the work and passion he put into making Silly Venture the greatest Atari party in history. He received the life time Atari award at Silly Venture 2k14 for a very good reason: He fucking deserves it! And to make sure all the Atari 8-bit people properly celebrate the party at home, a Silly Pack 2k14 will be released by me. But this again will take some time, due to the number and nature of the releases that will require heavy patching. Stay tuned, stay Atari!

Site Update

FAQ Updates:

  • New question "Why are the errors and warnings from an include file assigned to the main source file in the problems view?" added.
  • Question "How do I compile into disk images?" extended with description and binaries for MacOS X users. The binaries have been provided by Fredrick Holst (freetz) and you can find the latest versions on his web site.

WUDSN IDE update 1.6.6 released

A new version of the IDE is available via the update site and as zero installation download. When I started recording the 7th part for the Programming the Atari XL/XE video tutorial I found that the graphics editor and hex editor are not as usable as they should be. So I decided to implement some improvements and fixes first. At the same time quite a number of Mac OS X users reported issues with installing Java 1.7 on their machines, making it difficult for them to use WUDSN IDE. Hence I invested quite some time in reworking the code, so it runs properly also with "good old" Java 1.6. 


  • This version can run with Java 1.6 (JRE/JDK), so also a vanilla OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8) and  Mavericks (10.9) can run it out of the box.
  • Improved handling of relative file paths in source and binary includes.
  • Zero installation download now uses Eclipse 4.3.2. You can of course keep on using Eclipse 4.3.1 in case you already have it installed.

Graphics Editor:

  • All buttons now have icons with tooltips.
  • Enabling of input fields and change detection is consistent now.
  • Typing into any file path of text field updates the dirty indicator immediately, so you see if there are unsaved changes.
  • Toggling the "Shrink" and "Zoom" buttons updates image size correctly now.
  • Line numbers have been added in the script editor.
  • The line with the cursor is highlighted in the script editor.
  • New default converter scripts for converting character sets have been added.
  • Error messages in case of script errors have been improved and the cursor is positioned to the error location in the source.

Hex Editor:

  • Performance when opening a file with the Hex Editor improved by a factor of 10 to 20. Now a file with 1 MB is opened in far less than 1 second.
  • Allowed maximum file size has been increased to 8 MB.
  • ATR files with 256 bytes boot sectors are now handled correctly because they are rather common even though they violate the ATR specification
  • ATR files created from single Atari COM files, so called "k-files", are now detected automatically. For them not only the sectors of the ATR are displayed, but also the segments of the contained Atari COM file are displayed in the outline and the editor.
  • C64-PRG files are now detected automatically.


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