After a long struggle with hardware, codecs, and recording & editing software, I finally managed to have a system setup where recording videos is as easy as I always wanted to have it. So I decided to finally start the tutorial series on Programming the Atari XL/XE that I had always planned.

This tutorial series complements the general tutorial on using WUDSN IDE with the Atari XL/XE computer knowledge. The purpose of the tutorial is to show interested people how easy it is to control the text screen, character set, colors, graphics screen, and sound with just a few lines of code. Starting is very easy.

The tutorial series consists of short (5-10 minute) videos. In each video, I develop and explain the code live to show you the evolution of the source and the immediate result on the Atari. Seven videos of the about 12 planned videos are now available. You can ask questions and post feedback via this thread on AtariAge, youtube comments, or e-mail. Once I finish the basic stuff, I'll create individual videos for the topics you ask for.

The following videos are now available on the youtube playlist: