HomeCon 10

After quite a long break, Tigerduck and me attended the HomeCon this weekend. So finally I found the time to test my 1st price from the Silly Venture competition. It contains a VBXE expansion which acts both as memory and graphics expansion. Unfortunately the additional plug was no standard VGA plug as expected, so I was not able to run VBXE games. But the memory expansion works fine, so I could test one of my forthcoming demos on the real hardware. The rest of the day we spent playing Robix in two player mode and finally defeated the first end boss. And as a special highlight for me, I won Rally Speedway against Tigerduck this time. The photo was taken by Boris, the issuer of the RETURN magazine, to whom I gave a short presentation of WUDSN IDE. Maybe I'll create an article for the mag with a short tutorial on the IDE.

Tigerduck and me at HomeCon 10

Silly Things - Fast Mix released

My "Silly Things" demo scored 1st place in the 8-bit competition at Silly Venture 2010. And I remember that when Grey/MSB told me that LaResistance is also going to contribute an entry to the competition my thought was "OK, it's simply no use". Now I finally managed to create a fixed version and the "Fast Mix" of the demo which contains even faster and smoother effects. So if you like it, I'd be very happy to get your feedback on Pouet where you can also find the download with all versions. Here is the recording of the fast mix.

Silly Things Fast Mix

Silly Things - Party Version released

This weekend my new demo "Silly Things" was shown at Silly Venture 2010. At least I hope so because unfortunately I was not able to join the party and know nothing about the results yet. This is the first time I entered a demo competition - after 21 years of demo coding. But thanks to my wife - who supported me during the 3 months of development - and thanks to 505 and OOZ who provided the music and the graphics, this became what it is now: my best demo so far. I just can't tell you how excited I am to see how the competition will end.

So if you like it, I'd be very happy to get your feedback on Pouet where you can also find the download. Here is the recording.

WUDSN IDE update 1.5.0 released

This version has Eclipse 3.6.0 as minimum requirement. See the tab "Installation" for the description and the link to the Eclipse download.

Features: See the tab "Features" on WUDSN IDE for screen shots

  • New supported hardware "Atari2600" added with DASM as default compiler and Stella as default emulator. A complete package atari2600-binaries.zip with compiler and sample sources is also available
  • Recursive and circular source includes are now detected. Source includes are now only parsed once and visualized once in the content outline
  • Completion proposal auto activation without pressing CTRL-Space after typing compiler dependent characters, for example "." in ATASM, "." or "#" in MADS and "!" in ACME
  • Multi-line content completion and explicit cursor positioning, for example ".MA" becomes ".MACRO <cursor is here> <newline> .ENDM"
    Muli-line content completion and cursor positioning
  • Syntax highlighting and support for illegal opcodes completed for ACME
  • New variables are now available for compiler and the application/emulator preferences
    • {$sourceFolderPath} The absolute path to the source folder
    • {$outputFolderPath} The absolute path to the output folder
    • {$outputFileName} The name of the output file including its extension, for example "TestFile123.asm"
    • {$outputFileNameWithoutExtension} The name of the output file without extension, for example "TestFile123"
    • {$outputFileNameShortWithoutExtension} The name of the output file without extension shortened to 8 alphanumeric characters, for example "TESTFILE"
  • Hover help in the preferences to explain the available variables
    Over help for variables


  • Syntax highlighting remains active now also after "Save as..."
  • Cursor is now placed correctly by content assist
  • The key binding for the "Compile" menu is now "Ctrl-0" instead of "Ctrl-Alt-0", so entering "}" is now possible again
  • XASM editor now correctly detects the "ORG" directive
  • The assembler editor toolbar contribution now also displays the label "Assembler" in the customizing dialog for the perspective


  • Section "Installing WUDSN IDE" updated with the new Eclipse 3.6 installation steps and screen shots
  • New section "Installing Apple 2, Atari 2600 and C64 compilers like DASM and ACME" added to installation guide
  • New FAQ "Why does CTRL-Space not open content assist?" added

WUDSN IDE update 1.4.4 released

Here it comes, the last version of WUDSN IDE which is downwards compatible Eclipse 3.4.2. All subsequent versions will require Eclipse 3.6.0 at least. Of course you can already update Eclipse to version 3.6.0 now to benefit from the new features like block selection mode.

Features: See the tab "Features" on WUDSN IDE for screen shots

  • Forward navigation via "control-click" hyperlink navigation to labels, equates, local definitions, macro definitions and procedure definitions. In case there is only one target, direct navigation takes place. In case there is more than one possible target, the type and line number of the target are displayed in a hyperlink popup. All included source files are also taken into account like in the content outline. In case there are targets from different files, the file name is also displayed as differentiator in the hyperlink popup.
    IDE navigation to labels,
			equates, local definitions, macro definitions and procedure definitions
  • The archive containing all supported Atari compilers has been updated with the latest versions of ATASM 1.7.0 and MADS 1.9.0 for all platforms, XASM for Mac OS X and ATASM for Linux 64-bit. See the section "Installation" for details
  • The new ATASM 1.7.0 directive ".BANKNUM" is now included in content assist and highlighting
  • Preferences for compilers and applications are now internally stored separately for every supported hardware (Apple, Atari, C64). The existing preferences are migrated automatically upon the first start of the new version. I have tested the migration to a certain extend but there might be cases where you have to set some preferences again after the upgrade


  • The directive ".LOCAL" in ATASM is a normal directive now and does not start a folding section while in MADS it is really is a folding section from ".LOCAL" to ".ENDL"
  • "SIN()" and "RND()" in MADS are now recognized correctly even if there are no spaces before or after the directive
  • ".EN" and ."END" in MADS are now recognized correctly
  • Labels in "ORG" lines are now recognized correctly and rendered as separate tree entries
  • Preferences for lower/upper case instructions in content assist are now also evaluated if the for directives which do not start with letters like ".end"
  • When opening a file which is located outside of the workspace, the action to open folders and to compile the file are now not doing anything and will not cause exceptions. They will also be disabled once the new Eclipse version is mandatory
  • The 16 bytes per row in the hex editor are now separated by a space


  • New FAQ "How to run a makefile script instead of an emulator?" added
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