I know I should instead get KickAss up and running correctly, but I had so many new ideas and input in the past two weeks that I had to try out a few things. In particular, I found that supporting others and getting support becomes more critical as the IDE grows. I have worked intensively on Apple II support and have a prototype running. Thanks to Sean, Nick, Brendan, and Robert for their support. The significant steps towards improving WUDSN IDE features are related to three projects: AppleCommander, JavaHexEditor, and Jexel.
I am working on my contributions for all of them so the subsequent versions of these tools are ready to be included in WUDSN IDE. This way, I can support other projects, keeping the WUDSN IDE's codebase small. AppleCommander will be used for creating disk images, i.e., the IDE will learn to put the output files directly onto bootable images. JavaHexEditor will be refactored, and its core will be the basis for the improved Hex Editor in WUDSN IDE. It will be much faster, functionally complete (cut/copy/paste), and work for files or arbitrary size. Finally, Jexel will be used as an expression parser for a built-in calculator/cheat sheet inspired by Barbarossa's feedback at CSDB.

Project Contributor
AppleCommander Robert Greene (robgreene)
AppleWin (Apple II) Nick Westgate
JACE (Apple II) Brendan Robert
Virtu (Apple II) Sean Fausett (fool)
Java Hex Editor & Plugin Pordi Estaqual (pestatije)
Java Expression Language Parser Aaron Gadberry (aaron)

Besides this, there are also two more video tutorials available now.

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Tutorial part 8
Part 9: Source Level Debugging
Tutorial part 9