WUDSN IDE Tutorial Part 5 and 6

By now you have seen a text editor with syntax highlighting and nice compiler configuration. The following part will show you what makes WUDSN IDE unique: The parser, the content outline and the hyperlink navigation integration for source files, binary files and identifiers. When I started implementation two years ago, I was dreaming of it but I didn't think it would be possible. But piece by piece it to came together. Of course it is not yet 100% complete, but, well, it never is ;-)

Part 5: Working with Projects, Folders and Files
Tutorial part 5
Part 6: Content Outline and Navigation
Tutorial part 6

WUDSN IDE Tutorial Part 3 and 4

The feedback was very positive, so I sat down and talked to my computer again. Two more parts are finished. All parts are recorded in 720p HD format and best watched directly on youtube in full screen mode.

Part 3: Setting up Editors and File Extensions correctly
Tutorial part 3
Part 4: Syntax highlighting and Content Assist
Tutorial part 4

WUDSN IDE Tutorial Part 2

I never thought it'd be the case, be actually creating this video stuff is much simpler than creating a written tutorial. Any most likely more people will benefit from it than from any written document. So here it is. This time even with a reasonable screen resolution and aspect ratio (not 1400x1050) and with the mouse cursor visible.

Tutorial part 2

WUDSN IDE Tutorial Part 1

For quite a long time, I've been thinking about creating a tutorial for WUDSN IDE and rather early I decided to go for a video based approach. Today I finally took courage and created the first part with the basic overview of what the IDE is, how it is installed and used.

Tutorial part 1

ABBUC Awards 2010

Normal ABBUC contests are exclusively for ABBUC club members. But since there are also a lot Atari people outside the ABBUC community, the ABBUC decided to also honor people and products outside the club in a non-monetary way. The so called ABBUC Awards are awarded for the best application, best game, best demo, best coder, best best sound, best graphics and best Atari related PC program. The decision is taken by a jury. This year I was part of the jury - but since I was also nominated in two categories, I was not allowed to vote in these categories. This is why I'm even more proud to be awarded in both categories: best demo and best coder. Congratulations also to the other winners!

ABBUC Award 2010 - Best demo ABBUC Award 2010 - Best coder
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