After my vacation, I was sufficiently relaxed to sit down and decide to get ONE thing DONE instead of starting the next cool - but never finished - thing. So here's the update for which C64 people have been waiting for (too long). The parser has been extended to handle the block definition of KickAss. Also, the Apple II support and the dynamic online help are stable now. Here's the complete list of enhancements and fixes.


  • New context menu "Convert" for converting all decimal, hexadecimal ($123), and binary (%010101) numbers in a selection into a standardized byte-aligned representation.
  • Context menu entries "Convert" and "Sort" for text editors are now also available via the main menu "Edit/Sort".
  • Context menu entries "Convert" and "Sort" prompt for removing the read-only property of a file when required.
  • For all contributed menu entries, the mnemonics are maintained correctly now.


  • Generic block support for KickAss, i.e., detection of "{" and "}", so the content outline and the source folding work correctly now. Proper use of white spaces after instructions and a maximum of one block per source line is required.
  • Download archive updated with KickAss 3.25 and CA65 2.13.3 (in preparation).
  • Log file parsing implemented where missing and improved towards include file handling for ASM6, ATASM, DASM, MADS, KickAss, and XASM.
  • Default compiler options for XASM are extended by "/p" to enable fully qualified file names, so error messages are associated with the correct file.

KickAss content outline and source folding

  • The preferences tabs for not configured compilers now show the message "Path to ... compiler is not set in the 'Assembler' preferences". This simplifies the configuration because. Users are not distracted by options for compilers they do not use. I would have preferred hiding the unused tabs completely, but SWT does not support this.


  • The Apple II hardware is now fully supported. The emulators AppleWin, JACE, and Virtu are available with defaults in the preferences.

Disk Image Creation

  • When compiling and running for the Apple II hardware, the IDE automatically creates a bootable ".dsk" disk image in addition to the object file. The creation of the disk image allows direct execution in Apple II emulators, which would not be possible otherwise because there is no such thing as an executable file format on Apple II. Instead, the information about a program's type and start address is only contained in the directory structure. The Java-based API of AppleCommander 1.3.5 is used for creating the disk image.

Disk Image Editors

  • A disk image editor for Apple II disk images based on the SWT version of AppleCommander 1.3.5 has been added.

Online Help

  • The extended section "WUDSN IDE" includes mainly the documentation from the website.
    • Video links to the tutorial and release news
    • Features
    • Installation
    • FAQ
    • Credits/Links
  • The new section, "Assemblers," includes information on the supported assemblers and their properties.
    • General - links, syntax, and support features
    • Instructions - all supported instructions, including their descriptions, grouped by type
    • Manual - direct access to the PDF, HTML, or text manual file or files that are part of the compiler installation
  • The new section, "Hardware Platforms", includes information on the supported hardware and the corresponding emulators and links.
    • Reference documentation - Hardware-specific PDF, HTML, or text files with CPU and customer chips reference sheets and programming guides

Integrated Help

  • The first character of numbers is now correctly highlighted in #123.
  • The source file include directive "INCSRC", is now correctly detected for ASM6.