Finally, I had the guts to update my Joomla version to the most recent one. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but... when I first installed Joomla and made it look how I wanted it to, I had no clue about PHP, CSS, and Joomla. Consequently, I modified all kinds of files to fit my needs. As part of the recent update, I extracted all my changes into separate PHP and CSS files and adopted the CSS, so it should work better on big screens and mobile devices. I can you find something is broken now, please get in touch with me.

Apart from that, I spent some nights chatting with Kevin Savetz this week and (in his own words) "harassed him to actually" perform the port of his "Kaverns of Kfest" game from the Apple ][ to the Atari 8-bit using WUDSN IDE. You can find the details, download, and source in the AtariAge thread.

Click to watch video

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