Revision 2017 - Atari VCS Highlights

This year's Revision Party turned out to be the event of the years for the meeting VCS coders. Roughly 80% of the active VCS coders in the world were present. To give the right context: In absolute numbers we're talking about 5 people :-). And I had the once in a life time chance to meeting Nick Montfort, professor for digital media at the MIT one of the authors of Racing the Beam. That is the book that triggered my interest in coding on the VCS by making it seem easy, which it is not. We gathered all the Atari VCS guys and were photobombed by the usual Atari ST fanboys. Here's the result.

The Atari crowd

So now I have my copy of the booked signed by Nick. It's been great talking to you Nick, and to all you other crazy people there. I hope to see some of your again at Sillyventure. Keep on racing!

The Atari crowd

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