Priceless Youtube Spam

I typically ignore spam and remove it, but this one is so incredibly silly that I have to preseve it here. Really priceless. 

Atari Action! and Atari Action! Editor update released

I had received some requests for improvements to the standalone Action! editor. So I have decided to finally make it an integral part of the Action! project. Here's what has changed:

  • The Action! program is now called "ACTION.COM" in all disk versions.
  • The Action! editor is now included as "ACTIONED.COM" in all disk versions.
  • The Action! editor now has a build date, just like Action! itself.
  • The Action! editor documentation is now included as "ACTION.TXT" in all disk versions.
  • Disk version for DOS XL added.
  • Passing command line parameters to the Action! editor now also works in DOS XL.
  • Incorrect status text output has been fixed in the Action! editor.
    There had been some places in the source where ASCII/ and ATASCII was mixed up.
  • The README.TXT file on the disks now has correct EOL characters.

Feedback, especially regarding the documentation and editor are welcome!

Atari Action! Editor build version. Atari Action! Editor documentation.

Prince Couple Patricia 001. and Peter 011.

Since November my wife and I are acting as princess and prince of carnival in our town. We're partying hard and shout "Da je!" all the time. That's is why you don't hear much from me recently on the Atari forums. I'll back after we return from the Betty Ford Center in some weeks ;-). So who's first to spot the 3 Atari related things on our official picture?

Prince Couple Patricia 001. and Peter 011.

For those who expressed that they like my shoes, here's the link where you can get them - if you really dare :-)

Modello Pinkuero – Handmade Italian leather men's Rosa – Cowhide Soft Leather Lace Up Ankle Chukka Boots

Silly Venture 2k19 Video Invitation

Once again Grey made it! Cool to see the original designer RJ Mical promote the party. Massive thumbs up. I've never owned a Lynx, but the hardware combination is really nice. I always thought it was using a 65816 - until Heaven told me it also has a 6502 ... and beat me with releasing a demo for it first! Visit to read more about the party - and see you all in Gdansk!

Silly Venture 2k19 Video Invitation

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