Prince Couple Patricia 001. and Peter 011.

Since November my wife and I are acting as princess and prince of carnival in our town. We're partying hard and shout "Da je!" all the time. That's is why you don't hear much from me recently on the Atari forums. I'll back after we return from the Betty Ford Center in some weeks ;-). So who's first to spot the 3 Atari related things on our official picture?

Prince Couple Patricia 001. and Peter 011.

For those who expressed that they like my shoes, here's the link where you can get them - if you really dare :-)

Modello Pinkuero – Handmade Italian leather men's Rosa – Cowhide Soft Leather Lace Up Ankle Chukka Boots

Silly Venture 2k19 Video Invitation

Once again Grey made it! Cool to see the original designer RJ Mical promote the party. Massive thumbs up. I've never owned a Lynx, but the hardware combination is really nice. I always thought it was using a 65816 - until Heaven told me it also has a 6502 ... and beat me with releasing a demo for it first! Visit to read more about the party - and see you all in Gdansk!

Silly Venture 2k19 Video Invitation

Dell's Kitchen

Some time ago my wife showed me some funny pixel art she had found on Pinterest. So I grabbed my little daughter's colored ironing beads and here's the result which I now hanging on my kitchen wall :-)

The!RamDisk released

Besides its 128 MB of Flash ROM, The!Cart has a built-in 512 KB RAM chip. This chip was required because the physical bank size of the Flash chip is 64 KB, i.e. only full 64 KB blocks can be erased. So without the built-in RAM, a standard Atari 48 KB or 64 KB computer would not have able to update The!Cart. Using the built-in RAM of The!Cart for other purpose has always been somewhere on the very long todo list, but time did not allow me to pursue that aim.

Luckily, in 2019, my fellow Atarian Holger Janz received his The!Cart and found the idea of writing a RAM disk driver for it encouraging. He likes to use the real hardware and real programming cartridges, and we all know that having a RAM disk there is a very useful thing. He first went into the details of DOS 2.5 and existing RAM disk implementation for it and after some weeks he released it to the public. Support for other DOS versions is planned.

The video below shows how The!RamDisk can be used. The detailed documentation of The!RamDisk including ready-to-use disk images, source code, and test programs are available at You can follow the development, ask questions and give feedback via the A.B.B.U.C. thread (German) or the AtariAge thread (English).



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