On March 11, 2023, Andreas Gustafsson, aka. Shadow (Sdw) died unexpectedly in an accident.
Andreas goes fishing

I was returning from Midwinter Meeting when the news reached me. Two weeks before, I had sent him my appreciation for the beautiful latest Atari VCS release he had created with Mermaid. Andreas was an outstanding demoscener in many regards. Not only he made over 130 demos - each of them was a gem and some even milestones. He had the unique passion and ability to create demos on everything that consumed electricity and that could be programmed. His skills were not only in the area of coding but also in the area of design. He always impressed me with the color schemes he used and with the brilliant ideas to overcome the limitations of every piece of hardware. His work was a source of inspiration for many of us and me personally. Some of my best demos were humble attempts to adapt his ideas.

He was always kind and helpful to many of us, and I am happy that I could help him a few times when the chips in the Atari didn't want to obey his commands. I owe him many cheerful moments in my life. We've lost one of the best, and I am deeply saddened that I have to write these lines. If you want to express something, you can write in his obituary.

You can find the list of his releases on these websites, and I'm pretty sure none of them covers all of what he did. The screenshot below needs no further explanation.

Released of Shadow