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Again, I had to visit Silly Venture WE this winter alone because biobern isn't fit enough. Like last time, I've focussed more on talking to people and learning more about their work. Surprisingly, there were many first-time visitors this year. Even more surprising was a 3-hour power cut on Friday, of course. The hall was filled with the dim light of cell phone displays and notebook screens. Grey still managed to have the concert in the club, and it was great again - especially with the Atari-themed special drinks. Unfortunately, the wild compo had to be moved to Saturday again. As often, there were issues with the recordings that caused around 4 hours of additional delay. The compos were good, but staying awake until 04:15 pm was tough. Fortunately, the voting system worked well (even though it had some hiccups, all fixed immediately by Wieczor). Because I stayed this time until Monday, I could watch the prizegiving, help Grey clean up the party place, and return very relaxed with my flight on Monday. I even read quite a bit in my Andrew Hewson book.

There is also a very comprehensive party report available from Wingman at