The "Atari Action! Editor" is a powerful and versatile full-screen text and source code editor for Atari 8-bit computers. It was initially included in the "Atari Action!" cartridge released in 1983 Optimized Systems Software (OSS) and unavailable separately. Now it is available individually for usage outside the "Atari Action!" system.



The source code for the standalone version of the "Atari Action! Editor" was initially provided in 2018  by the AtariAge user Alfred. I adapted the source slightly and incorporated it into the "Atari Action!" project. This way, the standalone executable ACTIONED.COM is now available for download on the disk images of the "Atari Action!" distribution. This includes dedicated binary versions for different Atari DOS versions. You can start the editor and specify the file to open as an argument on the DOS versions with a command line interface.



The manuals for the editor are available as PDF in English (version 2018-11-05) and PDF in German (2016-05-20). It was extracted from "Part II: The ACTION! Editor" of the "Action!" manual, which is available at AtariWiki.

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