The!Cart Studio update released


  • Import of Williams 32 KB ".ROM" and ".CAR" files now automatically converts the file to a Williams 64 KB".CAR" file in case only the Williams 64 KB bank switching scheme is supported by the flash target type of the workbook.
  • The new Atari800 cartridge types and corresponding content types for "Atrax 128 KB" (68), "aDawliah 32 KB" (69) and "aDawliah 64 KB" (70) have been added to the cartridge detection and unit test generation. Note that they are not supported by The!Cart itself. But if you have used "Atarax 128" (17) - which is supported by "The!Cart" - in your your existing workbooks, you have to re-classify the corresponding entries now as "Decoded Atarax 128" (17). This is an incompatible change but I want to be 100% in sync with Atari800 and its definitions.
  • The cartridge database has been updated to Kr0tkis version from 2018-04-24. Now 839 instead of 737 known titles, 807 instead of 717 known content types.
  • If a matching entry in the cartridge database is found when adding a file, the user is prompted to decide if the proposed title from the database should be used

  • The about dialog now also displays the number of supported content types.


  • Import of Maxflash Programming ATRs now automatically converts the ".ATR" file to a ".CAR" file only if the Atarimax bank switching scheme is supported by the flash target type of the workbook.

Grey 39 Birthday Intro released

Shortly after SillyVenture 2k17 Grey celebrated his 39th birthday. I felt very motivated after Sillyventure, so I decided to create a remix of my ABBC Magazin 69 Intro and turn it into a Grey 39 Birthday Intro as a little suprise. And now I finally also managed to create a proper release archive and uploaded it to the productions section.

40.000 Views, 200 Likes, Revision and finally back online again

Right after the last update in January, my personal Laptop with all my coding and web site stuff ran into an irrepairable SSD failure. It took almost 3 months to get everything back in place again. Finally today I finished the last mile and am happy to publish an update once again. Meanwhile the site has received over 40.000 and over 200 likes on Facebook. That is quite a benchmark for me.

In section Making the Atari 800 Compatible with The!Cart, MyIDE II and more I have added the description of the variant that works without modifying the PCB of the Atari 800. I have also added a link to Wolfsoft's blog, where he shows how an original Atari 800 cartridge shell can be modfied to house a The!Cart V2.

Last week I attended Revision and this time biobern joined also for the first time. It was really motivating to met some Atari people in person again and to see Atari releases on the big screen. If things turn out right, I'll also be at Outline in May.

biobern, Kylearan, JAC!, Lotek Style, Samurai

Silly Venture 2k17 Releases

As part of the Wild Competition of SillyVenture 2k17, I have released SillyPack 2k16 with all Atari 8-bit released of last year's event. I achieved 5th place out of 20 entries. All releases on the compilation have been tweaked and fixed to run seamlessly on the real hardware and with the menu system. 

In addition I released an entry called "I.V.I. - Incidential Vertical Interlace" in the 256 Bytes Competition. It is based on an effect I found by incident in 1992. It achieved 3rd place out of 8 entries. And right now as I type this text I realize it should have been "Incidental" not "Incidential". Funny what you learn when you look at things with a distance of, well, 25 years.

You can find the download for the binaries and the source in the Atari 8-bit Demos section. And like last year Paptak created a nice video of the whole event.

And if you think the party was crazy, look at what it caused on Pouet: A VCS demo leading the top of the month - What a blessing that I'm allowed to experience this in my life!


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