The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

My passion is coding- And whenever I came across a game that I liked in my life, I immediately tried to take it into pieces and find out how it works using monitors, hex editors, freezer or screw drivers. There are actually not many games that is really played. But one of them the "The Legend of Zelda" series, starting with the original "Link's Awakening" that I played on a grey brick with monochrome display 2 decades ago. Every since I've tried to play every Zelda game on every Nintendo console. Currently I'm playing "The Minish Cap" on my DS and I'm almost done.  And here a nice surprise which I found on Indie Retro News and wanted to share with you. 

"What an incredible end to the week especially for Zelda fans across the globe, as BS Zelda no Densetsu, also known as 'BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets', has received a full English dub restoration. If you've never heard of the game, which until today included me, it was a score attack version of 'A Link to the Past', featuring high quality CD music and voices, but had to be played during a satellite broadcast. This rather jaw dropping release on the SNES according to Romhacking, is a full 4 hour English dub restoration available in both the original music arrangement and a custom orchestral arrangement. It also features a full voice cast including professional voice actress Kira Buckland (Danganronpa, Disgaia, Skullgirls) as Zelda, and is even playable on real hardware with a sd2snes."

Here's just a small screen shot and it looks great to me. Read the full article on Indie Retro News and visit the The BS Zelda Home Page for the download.

The!Cart - Comparision, Video and 3D Printed Shell Update

I've updated the The!Cart page with:

Silly Venture 2k16 - Justice Done!

Silly Venture 2016 is over and it was simply great again. Here are some videos to show you what you missing, in case you haven't been there. And what you will remember in case you have been there :-)

And ultimately my absolutely favorite video of the party: Justice Done!. With this journalistic master piece Grey finally proved that this post from Commodore is fake news.

And that in reality the auto repair shops has been working with a genuine Atari 65XE for the past 25 years. Of course, as you can see in this video report ;-)

Click for the video - Making Games for the Atari 2600

Steven Hugg has released something really nice for Christmas: The book Making Games for the Atari 2600 which is available as paperback via Amazon.


The book targets the absolute beginner and builds up the required knowledge step by step. it is very well written and structured with plenty of illustrations. Starting with the basics of the 6502, assembly language, the VCS and TV hardware the you gain more and more insight into coding for the Atari 2600. And because the best way learn coding is not to read about but to simply do it, the author also provided a very nice WebIDE where you can just play around with the source code in your browser and run it immediately in the browser based emulator called JAVATARI.JS. The WebIDE is available for free under

I'm very happy to see this book and hope it attracts more people to coding for the Atari 2600 by lowering the barriers to just get started even further. And once you have become familiar with coding for the VCS, WUDSN IDE can be used mange the more complex projects with multiple files, includes, graphics conversions and leverage Stella and its excellent debugger. So I'm looking forward to see your first Atari VCS project come alive!