The Atari 800 emulator and Altirra 4.10 have added support for five new cartridge types:

  • 71 for Atari 5200: Super Cart 64 KB 5200 cartridge (32K banks)
  • 72 for Atari 5200: Super Cart 128 KB 5200 cartridge (32K banks) 
  • 73 for Atari 5200: Super Cart 256 KB 5200 cartridge (32K banks)
  • 74 for Atari 520: Super Cart 512 KB 5200 cartridge (32K banks)
  • 75 for Atari 800/XL/XE: Atarimax 1 MB Flash cartridge (new)

Therefore I've also added support for these cartridge types to Atari ROM Maker and Atari ROM Checker.

I've also added support for detecting these new cartridge types to the development version of "The!Cart Studio" and its test ROM generation. This will help you test the ROMs of these cartridge types and their emulation when it's released.