Today I found a funny picture taken at the A.B.B.U.C. annual meeting on October 26, 2019. I wore my 1980s CASIO CA-851, as one should at a retro event. At some point, I was wondering about the date and pushed the date button, and I was surprised. It was the "THE DATE" when Doc Emmett Brown and Marty McFly went back in time on 1985-10-26 in Back to the Future. So why was my watch doing that: Well, when the clock was created in 1980, nobody thought it would be used after 1999. So they only used two digits for the year; hence, 1999 is the last year you can set the clock date to. My solution to the problem is to use the perpetual calendar. I put the clock every new year to that year between 1980 and 1999, using the same weekday sequence. And for 2019, that was 1985. So I went "back in time" myself that day to the year when the future was about to begin. Because in 1985 I bought my first computer :-)