This fun production is a 64-byte effect (58+6 byte file header) for the Atari 800 XL (PAL). I created it on 2007-06-06 between 23:31:00 and 23:57:14. If you are familiar with German, please don't be offended by the title, but read the explanation below. In case you are unfamiliar with German: "Dieter and Giesela are like wild animals in their neighbor's whirlpool".

I have discovered this strange website called Pouet, which is dedicated to demo sceners. I found out that I even had an account created many years ago. But ever since then, I never had the time to look after demos or create one again. So, browsing through all the latest releases, I found "Dieter und Gisela trinken Limonade und Hören Beat" by Camelot and the comment from "am-fm" on 2007-06-01. When I read that comment, I first had to laugh out loud and immediately started UltraEdit and ATASM to be the first to occupy that excellent title. Indeed, it was my first production after many years. Yep, thanks, am-fm! The effect will start immediately from any game DOS or emulator and change every 5 seconds.

Dieter und Gisela bumsen wie die wilden Tiere in Nachbars Whirlpool

It might not start automatically when loaded from a standard DOS, depending on the DOS version. In this case, run the code from address $4000, for example, via "M" and "4000" under DOS 2.5. The reason is that there is no explicit RUNADR segment. Otherwise, only 64-6-6 = 52 bytes would be left for a 64 bytes production. This would be quite a drawback compared to 64-2 = 62 bytes on a C64. Here's the complete source of the only known release whose executable requires fewer bytes than the title - which consists of 67 characters.

That's why I love 6502