Site Update

  • The archive containing all supported Atari compilers has been updated. It now includes the Linux versions provided by me and CAS and the Mac OS X versions provided by Spookt. Thanks a lot to Tebe for the update of MADS so it runs smoothly under Mac OS X and Linux now. The most recent version of the following table is available on the tab "Installation" on WUDSN IDE from now on.

    CompilerOperating SystemArchitectureCompiler VersionExecutable Path
    ATASM Windows Intel - 32 bit 1.06 ATASM / atasm.exe
    ATASM Mac OS X Intel 1.06 ATASM / atasm.macosx-intel
    ATASM Mac OS X PowerPC 1.06 ATASM / atasm.macosx-powerpc
    ATASM Linux Intel - 32 bit 1.06 ATASM / atasm.linux-i386
    MADS Windows Intel - 32 bit 1.8.8 MADS / mads.exe
    MADS Mac OS X Intel 1.8.8 MADS / mads.macosx-intel
    MADS Mac OS X PowerPC 1.8.8 MADS / mads.macosx-powerpc
    MADS Linux Intel - 32 bit 1.8.8 MADS / mads.linux-i386
    XASM Windows Intel - 32 bit 3.0.1 XASM / xasm.exe
  • The description on how to configure the "Problems" view correctly is now included in the section "Installing Eclipse" and in the FAQ. This step has to be performed once after the installation since the default configuration is not suitable for assembler files.

WUDSN IDE update 1.2.0 released

After a major rework a lot of new features were added and the first usable version of the MADS integration is available now. Now "only" content outline and label file creation are not available yet. I know may people are waiting for the content outline, but I first had to get the syntax for all definitions of pseudo opcodes and directives straight and had to extend the parsing to block comments. Otherwise parsing for a content outline is simply not possible. And comparing the 61 definitions in ATASM (described in an English manual) to the 168 (!) definitions in MADS (described in a Polish manual) you may understand what kept me busy in the past weeks. And without the great support from Tebe for the technical details it would surely not have been possible! Also my wife did a great job in translating the relevant sections of the MADS manual for me, so thanks for that!

Unfortunately the starting the emulator automatically on Mac OS X does not work yet. At least if have Mac OS X emulation up and running now for my tests and found out that the problem is passing parameters to the "open" command in addition to the binary file name.

You can use the menu entry "Help/Software updates/Available Software" to update from version 1.1.0 to 1.2.0.

Features: See the tab "Features" on WUDSN IDE for screen shots

  • Syntax highlighting complete for all MADS pseudo opcodes and directives.
  • Compiler log parsing and source positioning complete for MADS including recognition of errors from source include files.
  • New menu entries to directly open the source and the output folder.
  • New Console view with original compiler output opens automatically in the background after compiling which useful in cases where the plugin is not yet complete.
  • ATASM ".bank" warnings are mapped to info messages.
  • Size of output file now also given in hexa-decimal notation.
  • Support for several single line comment delimiters per compiler.
  • Support for several multiple lines comment delimiters per compiler.
  • Support for several string delimiters per compiler.
  • Automatic append of ".asm" extension for "ICL" source includes in MADS, if extension is missing.
  • Automatic append of ".asx" extension for "ICL" source includes in XASM, if extension is missing.
  • New "Open Folder" context menu available for all folders and files.
  • New "Sort" context menu with sub-menu available for all text files.
  • "Open with Hex Editor" context menu entry now also supports multi-file selection.
  • Preferences automatically activate the tab for the compiler of the active editor upon opening.
  • Improved handling and message for misconfiguration and errors during launching of compiler and emulator.


  • The "OK" and "Apply" buttons in the preferences are now always enabled, irrespective of the specified compiler and emulator paths.
  • Focus back in editor window after compiling.
  • Automatic positioning to line of the first error or warning after compiling.
  • Syntax highlighting of illegal opcodes fixed, now also uses the preferences setting.

Site Update:

  • New section "Is there source version control?" added to FAQ.
  • New section "Why is ATASM the primary compiler?" added to FAQ.
  • Feature section updated with new screen shots.
  • Configuration of file associations added to section "Installation".

Visdom Logo

Thanks to Thorsten, the web-master of for creating the following absolutely cool impression of this historical moment of 1992. Funny, when I first created this site, I tried to do exactly the same using a face-morphing program. Well, the result was an epic fail. So I have added Thorsten's excellent version to the FAQ section.


MADS and Mac OS X

Thanks for the support from Tebe regarding MADS and thanks for the support from Spookt regarding Mac OS X! Meanwhile a lot of bug fixes and new features are ready, especially the first version of the compile log parser for MADS works now. The sheer amount of 115 additional directives in MADS made it a tough job to get the syntax coloring correct, but now I'm through. So prepare for WUDSN IDE 1.2.0 next weekend. I hardly dare to think of the content outline parser, therefore that will be included at earliest in the subsequent version...

WUDSN IDE update 1.1.0 released

You can use the menu entry "Help/Software updates/Available Software" to update from version 1.0.0 to 1.1.0. If you have problem during installation, uninstall version 1.0.0 first. Note that you have to do you compiler settings again since the data structure of the preferences was changed to support multiple compilers at once.

Features: See the tab "Features" on WUDSN IDE for screen shots

  • New content type and file association for "MADS Source File (*.asm)".
  • Dedicated syntax highlighting and content assist icon for pseudo opcodes, for example "BGE" and "BGE" in ATASM.
  • Configurable support for 16-bit opcodes of 65816.
  • New menu entry "Compiler Help" opens the compiler specific documentation if it is available.
  • Preliminary support for MADS and XASM, will be completed over time.
  • Extension mechanism to include additional compilers via Eclipse extension points and improve them step by step.
  • Download hyperlink labels in the preferences to download the compilers and emulator to simplify installation.
  • Default extensions for path browsing in the preferences is now "*.exe" on windows, and "*.*" on all other operation systems including Mac OS X.
  • Build-in read-only hex editor with support for Atari COM files and file segment outline.
  • Choice via popup menu for binary includes to open the file with the build in hex editor, the default Eclipse editor (e.g. a text editor), system editor (e.g. an emulator or a paint program).
  • German localization for all Eclipse plugin texts. The original compiler messages are not translated.


  • ResourceException in German installations fixed.
  • Syntax highlighting settings are now correctly restore upon "Restore Defaults".

Site Update:

  • Features section updated with the latest features and screen shots.
  • Download for single archive containing all supported Atari compilers including the Mac OS X versions provided by Spookt.
  • See the tab Features on WUDSN IDE for the new installation description.
    • ATASM 1.06, Windows and MaxOS X.
    • MADS 1.8.5, Windows and MaxOS X (version 1.8.4).
    • XASM 3.0.1, Windows.