ABBUC Magazin 99 intro added and 20 € for you

The intro for the 99th issue of the ABBUC disk mag was released in December 2009 and was my first real Atari release after 7 years. You can read the entry in the Productions area for the details, downloads and story behind it and visit Pouet to leave some comments. Also this time I uploaded a recording to YouTube. But again the 50 FPS PAL recording end up in a jerky, blocky and clipped 30 FPS playback. The video looks really bad compared to the original. There will be a proper upload in the future.
ABBUC Magazin 99 intro

WUDSN IDE update 1.4.3 released

After having recovered from BreakPoint 2010 I managed to compile a new version.

Features: See the tab "Features" on WUDSN IDE for screen shots

  • The compiler output directory mode in the preferences now also allows the specification of a fixed folder to simplify cases where you for example compile into the hard disk emulation folder without creating disk images. I hope Jonathan will be happy with it :-)
  • The graphics editor can now also save images as ".bmp", ".gif" and ".jpg"
  • The graphics editor supports relative file paths. If the file path is in the same folder as the ".cnv" file, it it automatically converted to a relative file path when the file name is defaulted or picked from the file browser dialog. This allows to move the ".cnv" file and the referenced source files around together without breaking the saved paths
  • The hex editor now displays the file length and file mode in separate fields
  • The hex editor now has auto detection support for the following file types and allows explicit switching between them, in case the it is possible: binary file, Atari COM files (with blocks), Atari ATR disk image (with sectors). It detects the cases when the file type does not match at all and the case when only the end of the file if corrupted
  • The hex editor context menu now has entries to copy the marked file section to the clipboard in different formats: hex values (".byte $01,$02,..."), decimal values (".byte 1,2,...") and ASCII string. This is very helpful to turn parts of a file into source code. The possibility to copy/paste into the binary file itself in order to modify is prepared but not working yet and will be completed later
  • Upon request of Nick Westgate , one of the developers of the Java based Apple 2 emulator Java-ACE - the new platform "Apple 2" has been added. The current extensions are only stubs for Nick to start, but I'm really looking forward to his contribution


  • The output file is not opened anymore in case it has been there before but was not updated by the compiler due to compiler errors
  • The scroll bar and cursor in the editor are now stable also in the cases when the outline is changed by the latest user input
  • The hex editor now get the focus correctly also when clicking on already opened files
  • The XHTML errors on the web site have been cleaned up

BreakPoint 2010 - The day after tomorrow

BreakPoint 2010 was absolutely great. I never thought I'd be there and in particular not with my Atari. Since I was quite unprepared I had no camera with me and so there are only the pictures Mr. Curly from Abyss Connection took while I was running my demos on this Commodore monitor which did not like the composite signal at all. For those whole like to get a feeling of the party I recommend visiting the BreakPoint web site. In addition you should image a dark hall crowded with crazy people and huge posters like this one ;-)

Me at BreakPoint with my Atari My ABBUC 34 intro on a Commodore monitor ;-)

HomeCon 5 Invitation released

The HomeCon is a small German convention for 8/16 bit consoles and is organized every 3-4 months in the area of Frankfurt/Germany. I have been there 3 times by now and have met many cool and crazy people. Based on some party coding I did to show the way WUDSN IDE works, I decided to promote the party by turning my party coding into a real invitation. Given that fact that there have been more than 400 views on YouTube already, I think it is really time to upload my latest production to my own site. Since the YouTube video is my first upload ever, then encoding is quite jerking and one sound channel is missing. So you might better check out the entry in the Productions area or visit Pouet to leave some comments.

HomeCon 5 invitation

Site Update

After a long period of being busy with things that provide money, I finally managed to come back to the things that provide fun. All the time I shied away from creating a new version of the IDE because I had a lot of changes to the site structure pending which I wanted to finish first. Now finally it's done. The WUDSN site is now member of the Atari 8-bit WebRing . Thanks to Raphael Espino for his support. In addition you can now find it via DMOZ Directory in the branch Computers > Systems > Atari > 8-Bit . And those who like that new way of chatting, you can now contact me via WUDSN on Twitter

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