Site Update

  • New section FAQ added with "What is WUDSN?" and "Why did you create WUDSN IDE?"
  • Broken links fixed, favorite icon fixed (moved to web root), XHTML errors fixed, e-mail scripted against spam.
  • MADS support added as planned feature, provided there are people helping with that.
  • Project creation example extended to directly open the correct editor. Screen shots added.

First official version 1.0.0 of WUDSN IDE released

I am very happy to announce that finally "WUDSN IDE", the free integrated Atari 8-bit development plugin for Eclipse is available.
It features syntax highlighting, content assistance, content outlining and many more features which are helpful when developing 6502 assembler code.
The first version is 1.0.0 and was released on 2009-06-08.
I have released it though I know about some bugs already, but - damn it - I need to get this web site up and running now.
If you already have Eclipse 3.3 oder newer installed, just add to the available update sites and install the latest version.
Click on the tab WUDSN IDE to get a complete overview of the features and the the instructions how to install and configure the plugin.

Fully integrated editor