WUDSN IDE Tutorial part 7: New features in version 1.6.0

After 10 months, multiple adapters, cables, drivers and failures I finally managed to buy a working USB head set which is compatible with my PC. So I am able to continue my tutorial series today and present the new features and fixes.

Part 7: New features in version 1.6.0
Tutorial part 7

Visdom I and II story and fixed versions

I don't like bugs and they keep bothering me even after many years. What I did this week are very likely the most delayed updates in the 8-bit system history. On the tab Atari 8-bit (previously named "Productions") you can now find only 19 respectively 21 years after the original release ...

  • Visdom I - fixed version plus sources
    Fixes: Checks for 64k, runs properly on NTSC machines, accepts any key to start part 2, no more color artifacts in the scroller.
  • Visdom II - fixed single file version plus sources
    Fixes: Checks for 64k and PAL, no more color artifacts in the wiggle effect, available a standalone executable.
  • Visdom II - full background story of the demo
    The description of the unique circumstances under which the demo was created and the technical details.

Upload on Pouet and video captures will follow.

Visdom-I Visdom-II

Teenage dream challenge

Today I started with the ambiguous assembler project I ever did. In the 1990ies I used ATMAS the largest project were around 1.000 lines of code. Visdom II took 6 months of coding on an Amiga 500 cross-development system and has about 2.000 lines of code. Thanks to MADS and WUDSN IDE, I could create Silly Things within 3 months and the result has 10.000 lines of code.

The new project exceeds this in two aspects:

  • First, it is in a class of programs in which I've tried to succeed many times - and I failed
  • Second, first estimations show that there will be more than 17.000 lines of code for sure

But why the hell do I think it can be done? Well, this is something I have been dreaming of for years. I feel now I have the experience to give a teenage dream a try. Also my tools are now so good that I can use a totally different approach to tackle the complexity. Unfortunately there are also some legal aspects that have to be clarified first. If I am unlucky, the legal aspects will prevent my project. Let's wait and see...

Silly Venture 2k11 - .. and how it ended

When Grey and I discussed the compo rules for the VCS compo, I also suggested limiting the cartridge size to 8k. One the one hand 8k was the typical size many real cartridges. On the other 8k can be filled within some weeks for sure, so I won't spend so much time on the demo. And in fact, all effects were ready after 6 weeks. And they took 12k. Damn. Consequently I spent 4 more months reworking and code in order to squeeze it into the 8k boundary. At the same time I was hoping and waiting for Jakub Husak to complete the tune for which I had reserved 1k. The first deadline passed and in the night when the extended deadline also passed, Jakub sent the final tune. After 1 hour of tracking down a bug in the player routine, it compiled properly and reported: 335 bytes free. WHAT? 335 bytes free? I cannot release an 8k demo with 335 bytes free. So I sat down and added again most of stuff and details which got removed in the months before. 4 hours later, i.e. 2 hours after the extended deadline, I sent my mail to Grey ... who had extended the extended deadline meanwhile ... thanks ;-)

The result is ISO which went 1st place in the first VCS only demo compo in history. 

ISO - Final version

It also climbed up to the 3rd place in the top of the month of Pouet and received a loot of nice feedback. Thanks for all your votes!

Best rank in the top of the month

Silly Venture 2k11 - How it started...

In March Grey^MSB contacted me and asked if I would contribute a demo for Silly Venture 2k11. Well, creating Silly Things took the whole three months of my parental leave for my youngest daughter. Therefore my immediate reply was: Sorry, I cannot beget another child just to have enough time for a new release. Then he told me that he already has two possible entries on VCS and he was looking for a third one in order to hold the first VCS only demo compo in history. My first tough was: OK, the worst then is becoming third - that's cool. I immediately started coding on VCS and my first VCS demo BeamRacer was released in the Oldschool 4k demo compo at Revision 2011. There I had the same problem as the two VCS demos in the Sillyventure 2k10 combined demo compo: 4k Amiga demos simply look more impressive, especially if most people don't even know about the VCS and it's restrictions. So it ranked 5th in the compo, not bad for a first release though. Also there was a lot of trouble getting it on the big screen. Therefore I had to tweak the faster and more colorful final NTSC version (first picture) into a slower and less colorful PAL version for the beamer (second picture).

Beam Racer - Final NTSC version
Beam Racer - Party PAL version live footage

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