WUDSN IDE update 1.6.0 released

After 5 months I have completed a new major update of WUDSN IDE with a bunch a new features and improvements. Some of the new features like the graphics conversion and the content assist for identifier are still "beta" but already usable and useful. For example the syntax highlighting sometimes detects keywords within other words. This will be corrected soon.

Features: See the tab "Features" on WUDSN IDE for screen shots or click on the inline links

  • .ENUM and .STRUCT are now displayed as sections with own icons in the content outline
  • .VAR and .ZPVAR definitions are now displayed as equate definitions in the outline, they will get their own icon in the next version
  • .PROC, .LOCAL, .PAGES and binary includes now implicitly end a definition section even without ORG statement
  • The expanded nodes and the selected elements in the outline are now stable. In case of structural changes, the selection is repositioned automatically to the next higher visible parent element
  • The bold and italic style of the syntax highlighting is now also visualized directly in list within the preferences
  • Separately configurable syntax highlighting for all types of identifiers and numbers. For non unique identifiers, the syntax highlighting will try to be a best guess
    Syntax highlighting for all types of identifiers and numbers
  • Altirra is now available in the preferences as standard emulator for the Atari 8-bit editors
  • All editor names have been extended with the platform like "ACME (C64)"
  • The toolbar icon for "Compile and Run" now adapts based on the hardware of the currently opened editor, for example it will show a C64 icon when using the "ACME (C64)" editor
  • The toolbar icon for "Compile and Run" now has a pull down menu which allows running the output file with any of the applications configured in the preferences. This way you can run the output file easily with different emulators without changing the preferences. That can be very helpful if one emulator show a different behavior than another or in case you have specified a build script as user defined application in the preferences
    Run with... for Atari 2600 Run with... for Atari 8-bit Run with... for C64
  • MADS (Atari 8-bit) is the new default editor for the file extension ".asm" for new installations. You can change this as you desire in the preferences panel "General/Editors/File Associations"
  • Symbols file "*.lbl" is now only created if there are actually any symbols. An existing symbols file is deleted if it is empty
  • The graphics editor now supports viewing for all 23 Atari 8-bit image formats supported by version 1.0.1 of "FAIL (First Atari Image Library)" plus C64 charsets and sprites. This includes hires and multi color charsets, images with palettes and true color images.
    PlatformFile ExtensionFile Format
    Atari 8-bit AP3 80x192, 256 colors, interlaced
    Atari 8-bit APC Any Point, Any Color, 80x96, 256 colors, interlaced
    Atari 8-bit CHR 8x8 charset, mono or multicolor
    Atari 8-bit CCI Champions' Interlace, 160x192, compressed
    Atari 8-bit CIN Champions' Interlace, 160x192
    Atari 8-bit CHG Gephard Hires Graphics, up to 320x200, mono
    Atari 8-bit CPR Trzmiel, 320x192, mono, compressed
    Atari 8-bit FNT Standard 8x8 font, mono
    Atari 8-bit GR8 Standard 320x192, mono
    Atari 8-bit GR9 Standard 80x192, grayscale
    Atari 8-bit HIP Hard Interlace Picture, 160x200, grayscale
    Atari 8-bit HR Hires 256x239, 3 colors, interlaced
    Atari 8-bit HR2 Hires 320x200, 5 colors, interlaced
    Atari 8-bit ILC APAC 80x192, 256 colors interlaced
    Atari 8-bit INP Interlace Picture 160x200, 7 colors, interlaced
    Atari 8-bit INT INT95a, up to 160x239, 16 colors, interlaced
    Atari 8-bit MCP McPainter, 160x200, 16 colors, interlaced
    Atari 8-bit MIC Micropainter 160x192, 4 colors
    Atari 8-bit PIC Koala MicroIllustrator, 160x192, 4 colors, compressed
    Atari 8-bit PLM Plama 256, 80x96, 256 colors
    Atari 8-bit RIP Rocky Interlace Picture, up to 160x239
    Atari 8-bit SXS 16x16 font, mono
    Atari 8-bit TIP Taquart Interlace Picture, up to 160x119
    C64 64C Charset, mono or multi color
    C64 SPR Sprite, mono or multi color
  • The graphics editor now supports conversion to the following 8-bit file formats using a flexible JavaScript based approach. Default scripts for most of these format are part of the delivery, more will follow.
    Conversion from GIF/JPG/BMP/PNG images to binary files or 8-bit images files
  • The new image palette view associated with the graphics editor displays the palette entries and the color histogram. It supports filtering of unused colors, sorting by index and color frequencies, pre-settings and editing the palette when displaying 8-bit images
    Image palette view
  • The file chooser dialog now has a hierarchical display including automatic positioning to the next suitable folder in the hierarchy
  • The content assist now recognizes if there is already and instruction in the current line and suggests the available identifiers instead if this is the case. This is the first version and it supports global identifiers in the current source file and source file included from there. Scoped identifiers of the form "a.b" are not yet supported
  • The online help now contains the entry "WUDSN IDE Guide" which contains the overview of all tutorial videos and release news videos
    Integrated Help


  • Hyperlink navigation now also works for labels which contain an underscore
  • The key binding for the "Compile" menu is now "Shift-Ctrl-9" because it turned out that "Ctrl-0" is not available in all cases
  • The HexEditor is now also detecting the situation that the first block of a COM file is incorrect and display this correctly
  • Content assist has now correct new lines when inserting #IF, #WHILE and .TEST
  • Fonts and colors resources are disposed correctly now
  • Resetting to default syntax colors in the preferences works now
  • Elements of .ENUM are recognized as equates now also if they do not start of position 0
  • Elements of .STRUCT are recognized as labels now also if they do not start of position 0
  • Cursor is now positioned to the first character of an equate or label also if it is not defined starting at position 0


  • New section tutorials added to the "WUDSN IDE" tab

WUDSN IDE Tutorial Part 5 and 6

By now you have seen a text editor with syntax highlighting and nice compiler configuration. The following part will show you what makes WUDSN IDE unique: The parser, the content outline and the hyperlink navigation integration for source files, binary files and identifiers. When I started implementation two years ago, I was dreaming of it but I didn't think it would be possible. But piece by piece it to came together. Of course it is not yet 100% complete, but, well, it never is ;-)

Part 5: Working with Projects, Folders and Files
Tutorial part 5
Part 6: Content Outline and Navigation
Tutorial part 6

WUDSN IDE Tutorial Part 3 and 4

The feedback was very positive, so I sat down and talked to my computer again. Two more parts are finished. All parts are recorded in 720p HD format and best watched directly on youtube in full screen mode.

Part 3: Setting up Editors and File Extensions correctly
Tutorial part 3
Part 4: Syntax highlighting and Content Assist
Tutorial part 4

WUDSN IDE Tutorial Part 2

I never thought it'd be the case, be actually creating this video stuff is much simpler than creating a written tutorial. Any most likely more people will benefit from it than from any written document. So here it is. This time even with a reasonable screen resolution and aspect ratio (not 1400x1050) and with the mouse cursor visible.

Tutorial part 2

WUDSN IDE Tutorial Part 1

For quite a long time, I've been thinking about creating a tutorial for WUDSN IDE and rather early I decided to go for a video based approach. Today I finally took courage and created the first part with the basic overview of what the IDE is, how it is installed and used.

Tutorial part 1

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