Silly Venture 2k11 - How it started...

In March Grey^MSB contacted me and asked if I would contribute a demo for Silly Venture 2k11. Well, creating Silly Things took the whole three months of my parental leave for my youngest daughter. Therefore my immediate reply was: Sorry, I cannot beget another child just to have enough time for a new release. Then he told me that he already has two possible entries on VCS and he was looking for a third one in order to hold the first VCS only demo compo in history. My first tough was: OK, the worst then is becoming third - that's cool. I immediately started coding on VCS and my first VCS demo BeamRacer was released in the Oldschool 4k demo compo at Revision 2011. There I had the same problem as the two VCS demos in the Sillyventure 2k10 combined demo compo: 4k Amiga demos simply look more impressive, especially if most people don't even know about the VCS and it's restrictions. So it ranked 5th in the compo, not bad for a first release though. Also there was a lot of trouble getting it on the big screen. Therefore I had to tweak the faster and more colorful final NTSC version (first picture) into a slower and less colorful PAL version for the beamer (second picture).

Beam Racer - Final NTSC version
Beam Racer - Party PAL version live footage


The JHV (AGM) is over and here are some impressions. After getting lost in the "Palz" due to my outdated navigation system, I even managed to arrive just in time. It was a joyful day with playing Warlords and impressing people with the preview of me new VCS demo for the Sillyventure 2k11 . Later in the evening, mega-hz, hias and I discussed the top-secret new hardware developments for the hardware contest 2012 .. and 2013. Thanks to the good reaction of mega-hz, the top-secret prototype is hidden behind his hand an a glass of beer.

JAC! arriving just in time Can you spot my VCS with my new TV set?

mega-hz and me discussing the new entries for the hardware content 2012 and 2013

Atari Speed Reading

One of the most distinctive features of the Atari is the fact that the program recorder uses one channel for serial data and one for normal sound. This means that you can replay music and spoken words during loading. Based on this feature, Atari released a number of educational software titles. One of them is the "Atari Speed Reading" course from 1981. On the picture below you can see Tigerduck an me after we spent the whole evening trying to sample the first tape using a notebook with AudaCity, a hi-fi system and put a back on a tape again. It took quite a while but finally we managed to find the right recoding and re-recording settings to make it work also on the Atari again.

Atari Speed Reading

Site Update

  • Credits tab added with the list of contributors and related projects like compilers, emulators, graphics and sound libraries
  • Eclipse 3.6.2 Platform Runtime Binary (50 MB) direct link is now correct and positions correctly within the target page
  • Update of the compilers download archive
    • For MADS 1.9.3 the Mac OS X version for Intel and PowerPC are now included
    • XASM for Windows has been updated from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2
    • ACME 0.90, KickAss V3.21 and TASS 1.46 r38 are now included as preparation for supporting them

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The content has been split into into individual PHP pages. So instead of editing an HTML document with almost 4000 lines, I can not update more selectively and more frequently. In case you experience problem with the site now, please contact me.

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    • Why is MADS the primary compiler?
    • Why do I get the error "No ORG defined" when compiling the example from the tutorial?
    • How to I convert an ATASM source for to MADS format?
  • All supported 6502 compilers are now contained in a single download archive . The installation section for compilers has been updated accordingly
  • The download URL for DASM has been changed to because some ... Atari lawyers forced Andrew Davie to shut down after 11 years
  • For DASM the new version 2.10.11 is now included. The Mac OS X PowerPC version is now also included
  • For MADS the new version 1.9.3 (source, examples and Windows executable) is now included. Executables for other platforms will follow
  • The source example and related screen shots in the section "Creating and compiling an example project" have been updated to the syntax of MADS, which is the default compiler since 1.6.0