This excellent VCS music was created by Bart Wasil (BeWu) for the Atari VCS music competition at SillyVenture 2022 SE in Gdansk. Turning it into a ROM file was an unexpected challenge, as the TIATracker module has 126 patterns and exceeds the 4k limit for a single ROM bank. So I had to split the source by hand and create an 8k bank-switched ROM. The tune ranked a well-deserved 1st place in the competition and is one of the best VCS pieces of music ever made. I'm delighted to have been part of the release and to see what can be done with TIATracker. Here's a comment from Jérémie Glafouk on the inner workings of the song "Very clever use of only 2 channels with such a rich sound (drums + bass + chords + melody). Using percussion for arpeggios. The 'double' bass using 2 instruments (out of only 7 possible instruments in TIATracker) also is really smart and works so well. And the mixing is really perfect with the only 2 channels."