Here are the stages for the logo in ISO. The VCS has a resolution of 40 low-res single colors pixels per line. In addition, some sprite-like objects bring 2x(8+1) "hires" pixels in two more colors - no DMA. Everything is done with CPU, timing, splits, and limited movement of the objects. It took six weeks for everything to complete.

Stage 1: Paper

Stage 2: GrafX2 design of object splits and raster splits

Stage 3: GrafX2 layout for full screen

Stage 4: Transferring every pixel into code for a combination of pixels, objects, and splits (470 lines of code)

Stage 5: Final VCS result

Now you get an idea of what "painting" means on VCS: 470 Lines of code and the best possible "pixels per byte" ratio :-)

Fun fact: The demo was presented on the enormous screens of Stadion Gdansk as part of the SillyVenture 2020+1 Summer Edition - a multi-million dollar piece of equipment - simply priceless.