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Mittwintermeeting 17 took place from March 7 to 10, 2024, and I had the chance to attend on Friday and Saturday. The party place is a cozy spot in the woods. You find everything from 8-bit retro computers and 11-point Virtual Reality setups to brand-new 8-bit hardware designs. The meeting started with Wizard's car breaking down, so we had to take it to the next gas station - where he sold the remainder for some hundred bucks and left it there. I spent most of the time at SvOlli's desk, where he explained his Sorbus 650C02 Computer. We used the time to set up my new Linux laptop with all the required software and libraries so it could flash the Sorbus board and use it via terminal. The Sorbus is a great way to learn what is happening inside the CPU and the basics of an operating system. When I was back, I successfully made my board work. During the event, insane played my Atari 8-bit demos, and SvOlli also showed me the Stella emulator running my VCS demos on his Steam Deck. And everyone tried to get Bubble Universe ported somehow to his favorite system. The whole crew went to the hotel's dinner room on Saturday evening and had dinner together, which was a nice closing. Thanks to the organizers for the great event!