While "The!Cart Studio" is written in Java and runs where Java is available, having a native program version simplifies the usage for regular users. When macOS and Windows stopped supporting 32-bit applications some years ago, the existing native wrappers stopped working. I started working on a toolset that enabled me to create all native versions from a single Java source without copying and adapting countless files. I am happy to release the native 64-bit versions of "The!Cart" for Windows, macOS (Intel and ARM), and Linux based on my new toolset today.

I've also reworked all English and German text documentation and program texts again for correctness and readability using Grammarly. This includes over 600 adaptations.

As requested by several users, I've changed the handling of the cursor keys to require "CONTROL".Hence, you can now enter "+-=*" as characters in the search field.

The new version is available here for you to test.