As part of the Wild Competition of SillyVenture 2k17, I have released SillyPack 2k16 with all Atari 8-bit released at last year's event. I achieved 5th place out of 20 entries. All releases on the compilation have been tweaked and fixed to run seamlessly on the actual hardware and with the menu system. 

In addition, I released an entry called "I.V.I. - Incidential Vertical Interlace" in the 256 Bytes Competition. It is based on an effect I found incidentally in 1992. It achieved 3rd place out of 8 entries. And right now, as I type this text, I realize it should have been "Incidental", not "Incidential". Funny what you learn when you look at things over a distance of 25 years.

You can find the download for the binaries and the source in the Atari 8-bit Demos section. And like last year, Paptak created a nice video of the whole event.

And if you think the party was crazy, look at what it caused on Pouet: A VCS demo leading the top of the month - What a blessing I'm allowed to experience this in my life!