Almost four years have passed since my last VCS release, but finally, it is done. And today, my Silly Venture 2017 Invitro was released with the new Silly Venture website.

Both effects in this demo are four years old and were initially planned for Sillyventure 2k14. But back then, I didn't have any music, which ultimately kept me from coding for the VCS. Back then, no usable tracker existed, so getting a piece of music is not feasible in the foreseeable future. The sine scroller used almost the complete RAM, so it was clear it would be tough. In addition, kk and Kylearan created new stuff using k65, which is unbeatable in coding for bank switching modules. The latter is a nightmare; why must you do it manually?

During that period, Kylearan created TIA Tracker and changed the VCS world. Finally, musicians didn't have to be coders anymore. At Revision 2017, Flush released .bin with three outstanding tunes that Glafouk created using TIA Tracker. That was very motivating, esp. with Nick Montfort, Flush, and Kyleraran at the party place. Therefore, when Grey announced that there would be a Sillyventure in 2017, I decided to take the effects with my favorite tune, create this invitation, and finally release the stuff.

Read the full story and technical details here.