It's been a long time since the last update, so here is some news. The assembler and editor part is almost complete, with many major and minor improvements, especially regarding MADS. The whole project has been restructured to allow the addition of C64 assemblers and the new "Graphics" plugin. This plugin is what I've always wanted to have ever since I started cross-platform development back in 1990. For almost 20 years, I've been converting graphics to and from my Atari using "for" loops and any language you can think of. However, I never completed the interactive converter with the parameters I dreamed of. The first trial was done in the language "E" on my Amiga, and the next was done in Delphi on my PC. Both could never be finished. But now there is Eclipse and SWT and finally a first working version. Some parts of SWT are far more complex than my Amiga or on the PC with Delphi controls. For example, I took three days and two tutorials to scroll and resize the image area properly. On the other hand, you get high execution speed and flexibility, and it will run under any operating system.
The alpha version will be part of WUDSN IDE 1.4.0. It includes loading and displaying fonts, bitmaps, and sprites from Atari and C64 and creating ".cnv" conversion parameter files so you can repeat the conversion, for example, when the original files have changed. The conversion will also work in the other direction, of course. New converters are pluggable via an extension point.

The graphics editor