I've also received requests for a 32-bit version of the zero installation distribution. And after figuring out how I can do that without doing everything twice, it's ready for download: wudsn-ide-win32.zip. I have no real 32-bit hardware to test it, so please provide feedback. Thanks also to Timothy, Kevin, and Fredrick for the feedback and for using WUDSN IDE on Mac OS X. I have extended the FAQs accordingly. 

New FAQs:

  • Why is the "Assembler" section not visible in the preferences? 
    If the WUDSN IDE-specific sections and features are not visible after a successful installation, you probably use an outdated Java version. This seems to be a common problem on Mac OS X. Make sure you have Java 1.7 installed and that Eclipse is started using that version. Java 1.6 has been out of maintenance since 2013/02.
  • Why do I get "Unable to read repository at ... Read timed out" when accessing the update site? 
    This error message indicates that the Eclipse program is somehow blocked from accessing the site. If you are behind a proxy server, check the general proxy server settings in the Eclipse preferences. If you use a firewall or internet security tool, ensure that "Eclipse.exe", "java.exe", "javaw.exe"or the corresponding program on your host platform cannot access the internet. Maybe you have to change the settings so you are prompted to allow access interactively.