As you can see, it took far more time, but now the features tab is updated. I have added all the new features of version 1.4.0 and the features from version 1.4.2, which will be released next weekend. Initially, I had planned to use "PNG" as the file format for the conversion files of the graphics editor. The idea was to store the converted image as a thumbnail in the conversion file. This way, you could have watched the conversion files in the Explorer directly without creating separate image files. I got the idea from the excellent game Crayon Physics, which I bought some time ago. They use the "tEXt" chunks of the PNG file to store the level information together with the level map thumbnail. Unfortunately, it turned out that - even after tweaking the registry - Windows refused to display thumbnails of PNG files if the file extensions was ".cnv" and not ".png". And since I want to keep the focus of this project, I decided not to start creating C# code or DLLs to make that work. So, I had to revert all my changes to the file format, which is why there is no official version 1.4.1.
Open to try to open this file with a text editor and search for 'tEXt' A significant enhancement of the forthcoming version results from the past two HomeCon parties, where I met many friendly people using Commodore machines. Some were very interested in WUDSN IDE, and Draco provided me with the ACME compiler and sample source (after he bought an Atari 800 XL, too ;-). So I added the support for multiple types of hardware, i.e., besides Atari 8-bit compilers, C64 compilers and emulators can now be added.

The first version of C64
			compiler integration in WUDSN IDE