After recovering from BreakPoint 2010, I managed to compile a new version.

Features: See the tab "Features" on WUDSN IDE for screenshots

  • The compiler output directory mode in the preferences now also allows the specification of a fixed folder to simplify cases where you, for example, compile into the hard disk emulation folder without creating disk images. I hope Jonathan will be happy with it :-)
  • The graphics editor can now also save images as ".bmp", ".gif," and ".jpg".
  • The graphics editor supports relative file paths. If the file path is in the same folder as the ".cnv" file, it automatically converts to a relative file path when the file name is defaulted or picked from the file browser dialog. This allows moving the ".cnv" file and the referenced source files around without breaking the saved paths.
  • The hex editor now displays the file length and mode in separate fields.
  • The hex editor now has auto-detection support for the following file types and allows explicit switching between them, in case it is possible: binary files, Atari COM files (with blocks), and Atari ATR disk images (with sectors). It detects the instances where the file type does not match and the case when only the end of the file is corrupted.
  • The hex editor context menu now has entries to copy the marked file section to the clipboard in different formats: hex values (".byte $01,$02,..."), decimal values (".byte 1,2,..."), and ASCII string. This is very helpful to turn parts of a file into source code. The possibility to copy/paste into the binary file to modify is prepared but not working yet and will be completed later.
  • Upon request of Nick Westgate, one of the developers of the Java-based Apple 2 emulator Java-ACE - the new platform "Apple 2" has been added. The current extensions are only stubs for Nick to start, but I'm looking forward to his contribution


  • The output file is not opened anymore in case it has been there before but was not updated by the compiler due to compiler errors
  • The scroll bar and cursor in the editor are now stable in the cases when the latest user input changes the outline
  • The hex editor now gets the focus correctly when clicking on already-opened files
  • The XHTML errors on the website have been cleaned up.