The Atari convention "Fujiama 2010" is over, and it was a great experience to be with so many crazy people for three days. It was great to present WUDSN IDE and make atarixlxe, Bernd, Dietrich, and mega-hz new happy users. I got a lot of new input and ideas, and there will be a new version of WUDSN IDE soon. Be prepared: It will be the last version compatible with Eclipse versions less than 3.6.0. The new Eclipse version will allow me to fix some UI shortcomings and include a block selection mode. But don't worry. Updating Eclipse is as simple as unzipping a file to a folder; all your files and settings in the workspace will remain.

The tab Productions has been updated with a YouTube playlist overview and download entries, plus the detailed story behind the "size-coding for fun" production "Dieter und Gisela ... wie die wilden Tiere in Nachbars Whirlpool". You can also comment on Pouet if you like.

Dieter und Gisela bumsen wie die wilden Tiere in Nachbars Whirlpool

The tab WUDSN IDE has been updated:

  • The section regarding installation on the tab "WUDSN IDE" has been updated with the feedback from the new users.
  • All IDE-related FAQs have been moved to the new section "FAQ" on the "WUDSN IDE" tab.
  • New FAQ "How do I use Eclipse at all?" added.
  • New FAQ "Is there support for block selection mode?" added.
  • New FAQ "How does ATASM generate segments in executable files?" added.
  • New FAQ "Why do I see wrong messages in the "Problems" view?" added.