Here comes the last version of WUDSN IDE, which is downwards compatible with Eclipse 3.4.2. All subsequent versions will require Eclipse 3.6.0 at least. Of course, you can now update Eclipse to version 3.6.0 to benefit from new features like block selection mode.

Features: See the tab "Features" on WUDSN IDE for screenshots

  • Forward navigation via "control-click" hyperlink navigation to labels, equates, local, macro, and procedure definitions. In case there is only one target, direct navigation takes place. In case there is more than one possible target, the type and line number of the target are displayed in a hyperlink popup. All included source files are also considered the same way as in the content outline. If targets are from different files, the file name is also displayed as a differentiator in the hyperlink popup.
    IDE navigation to labels,
			equates, local definitions, macro definitions and procedure definitions
  • The archive containing all supported Atari compilers has been updated with the latest ATASM 1.7.0 and MADS 1.9.0 versions for all platforms, XASM for Mac OS X, and ATASM for Linux 64-bit. See the section "Installation" for details.
  • The new ATASM 1.7.0 directive ".BANKNUM" is now included in content assistance and highlighting.
  • Preferences for compilers and applications are now internally stored separately for every supported hardware (Apple, Atari, C64). The existing preferences are migrated automatically upon the first start of the new version. I have tested the migration to a certain extent, but there might be cases where you have to set some preferences again after the upgrade.


  • The directive ".LOCAL" in ATASM is a regular directive now and does not start a folding section, while in MADS, it is a folding section from ".LOCAL" to ".ENDL".
  • "SIN()" and "RND()" in MADS are now recognized correctly, even if there are no spaces before or after the directive.
  • ".EN" and ."END" in MADS are now recognized correctly.
  • Labels in "ORG" lines are now recognized correctly and rendered as separate tree entries.
  • Preferences for lower/upper case instructions in content assist are evaluated if the directives do not start with letters like ".end".
  • When opening a file located outside of the workspace, the action to open folders and compile the file is now not doing anything and will not cause exceptions. They will also be disabled once the new Eclipse version is mandatory.
  • A space now separates the 16 bytes per row in the hex editor.


  • New FAQ "How to run a makefile script instead of an emulator?" added.