This version has Eclipse 3.6.0 as the minimum requirement. See the tab "Installation" for the description and the link to the Eclipse download.

Features: See the tab "Features" on WUDSN IDE for screenshots.

  • New supported hardware, "Atari2600", was added with DASM as the default compiler and Stella as the default emulator. A complete package with compiler and sample sources is also available.
  • Recursive and circular source code includes are now detected. The included source code files are now only parsed once and visualized once in the content outline.
  • Completion proposal auto-activation without pressing CTRL-Space after typing compiler-dependent characters, for example, "." in ATASM, "." or "#" in MADS, and "!" in ACME.
  • Multi-line content completion and explicit cursor positioning, for example, ".MA" becomes ".MACRO <cursor is here> <newline> .ENDM".
    Muli-line content completion and cursor positioning
  • Syntax highlighting and support for illegal opcodes completed for ACME.
  • New variables are now available for the compiler and the application/emulator preferences.
    • {$sourceFolderPath} The absolute path to the source folder.
    • {$outputFolderPath} The absolute path to the output folder.
    • {$outputFileName} The name of the output file, including its extension, for example, "TestFile123.asm".
    • {$outputFileNameWithoutExtension} The name of the output file without an extension, for example, "TestFile123".
    • {$outputFileNameShortWithoutExtension} The name of the output file without extension shortened to 8 alphanumeric characters, for example, "TESTFILE".
  • Hover helps in the preferences to explain the available variables.
    Over help for variables


  • Syntax highlighting remains active now also after "Save as...".
  • The cursor is placed correctly by content assist.
  • The key binding for the "Compile" menu is now "Ctrl-0" instead of "Ctrl-Alt-0", so entering "}" is now possible again.
  • XASM editor now correctly detects the "ORG" directive.
  • The assembler editor toolbar contribution now also displays the label "Assembler" in the customizing dialog for the perspective.


  • Section "Installing WUDSN IDE" updated with the new Eclipse 3.6 installation steps and screenshots.
  • A new section, "Installing Apple 2, Atari 2600, and C64 compilers like DASM and ACME", was added to the installation guide.
  • New FAQ "Why does CTRL-Space not open content assist?" added.
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