After quite a long break, Tigerduck and I attended the HomeCon this weekend. Finally, I found the time to test my 1st price from the Silly Venture competition. It contains a VBXE expansion, which acts both as memory and graphics expansion. Unfortunately, the additional plug was not standard VGA, so I could not run VBXE games. But the memory expansion works fine, so that I could test one of my forthcoming demos on the hardware. We played Robix in two-player mode the rest of the day and finally defeated the end boss of the first level. And as a particular highlight, I won Rally Speedway against Tigerduck this time. The photo was taken by Boris, the issuer of the RETURN magazine, to whom I gave a short presentation on WUDSN IDE. Maybe I'll create an article for the mag with a quick tutorial on the IDE.

Tigerduck and me at HomeCon 10