In March, Grey^MSB contacted me and asked if I would contribute a demo for Silly Venture 2k11. Well, creating Silly Things took the whole three months of my parental leave for my youngest daughter. Therefore, my immediate reply was: Sorry, I cannot beget another child to have enough time for a new release. Then he told me that he already has two possible entries on VCS and was looking for a third one to hold the first VCS-only demo compo in history. My first thought was: OK, the worst then is becoming third - that's cool. I immediately started coding on VCS, and my first VCS demo, BeamRacer, was released in the Oldschool 4k demo compo at Revision 2011. There, I had the same problem as the two VCS demos in the Sillyventure 2k10 combined demo compo: 4k Amiga demos look more impressive, especially if most people don't even know about the VCS and its restrictions. So it ranked 5th in the compo. Not bad for a first release, though. Also, getting it on the big screen was a lot of trouble. Therefore, I had to tweak the faster and more colorful final NTSC version (first picture) into a slower and less colorful PAL version for the beamer (second picture).

Beam Racer - Final NTSC version
Beam Racer - Party PAL version live footage