A bug in 1.6.1 can cause lockups when typing the "." of a directive that starts with ".". This should be fixed in this version. If not, please notify me.


  • New consistent icons for all platforms based on the Apple ][ Atari 2600 Atari 7800 Atari 7800 C64 NES icons from pouet.net.
  • New Platform "NES," added.
  • New Compiler "ASM6" with default platform "NES" added and included into download archive.
  • New NES emulators "BSNES", "FCEUX," and "Nintendulator" were added.

Source Level Breakpoints & Debugging

  • Default compiler options for ATASM are now "-s -o${outputFilePath} -l${outputFilePathWithoutExtension}.lab ${sourceFilePath}" to enable label translation in Altirra.
  • Default compiler options for XASM are now "/o:${outputFilePath} /t:${outputFilePathWithoutExtension}.lab /l:${outputFilePathWithoutExtension}.lst ${sourceFilePath}" to enable source-level breakpoints and debugging in Altirra.


  • The default color for illegal opcodes changed to red as it was intended.
  • German localization for the graphics editor is finally completed
  • Sorting of applications in the preferences now is "Default, A...Z, User Defined" also in non-English localizations