Since bulb@ had some trouble understanding my comments on Ye Olde Plasma and seems new to the Atari scene (and the rest of the scene, if not even the whole world), I decided to follow his suggestion and add a little guide here. The Atari Composite file format is a segment file format originating from Atari DOS 2.5. Each segment consists of the start address and the (inclusive end address). The first segment requires $ffff as an additional prefix, adding a total of 6 bytes to the minimum file length. Though this header is larger than the 2-byte C64 header, it is still much smaller than the header of, for example, the Atari ST executable format. Therefore, compo rules of Atari-related parties like Forever consider the title and refer to the file size, as this is done on most other platforms. This means this nice intro does not fit into the 256-byte category on Atari 8-bit. So bulb@ selected the wrong category, but hey, that happens. Instead of starting to bash him, I contacted the coder, Dimitry, who sent some respect for cross-platform coding and gave some tips on how to make this better and smaller. I like the scene, the competition and exchanging ideas with fabulous people. I wouldn't say I like trolls, though.

255+6=261, really