• Automatic detection of 738 titles and 693 content types based on Krotki's list added.
  • CRC-32 values are now saved with the project file. This way, people can share/post their project files to improve the quality of the CRC database without sending actual ROM files.
  • Visualization of banks now shows banks of the duplicate entries as "continuous" blocks.
  • The command line interface is now working:
    java -jar TheCartStudio.jar -new -assignNewBanks -addEntries:ROMs\AtariOnline\Airball.car -addEntries:ROMs\AtariOnline-Renamed\*.car -saveAs:example.tcw


  • Additional characters are now accepted in titles ("[","]",":" etc.).
  • Headers of DD & 16 MB ATRs contain the correct size information now.