I had a good time at this year's Fujiama Party again and could present WUDSN IDE to many people. All of them are now happy "customers" with an environment where they can easily play around with assemblers. When I installed the previous version of the IDE, I found a bug in recent versions of Eclipse due to an incompatible change in the "plugin.xml" file handling. The bug causes the toolbar button to be invisible and locks up the "Customize Perspective" dialog. Therefore, I decided to release a new version that contains all the fixes and round-offs I have implemented in the past 12 months.


  • Auto-completion for ".PROC" now adds "RTS" before ".ENDP" in MADS.
  • Auto-completion for ".LOCAL" now adds ".ENDL" in MADS.
  • Clicking on the link to a non-existent file now asks to create the file. This simplifies the creation of includes during refactoring.
    Clicking on a link to a non existent file


  • Error message assignment to include files now normalizes the file separator before comparison, making it more robust in case of compiler bugs (e.g., MADS 1.9.4)



  • Screenshots and descriptions have been updated to reflect the latest version.


  • The question "How do I compile into ROM images?" was added.
  • The question "How do I compile into disk images?" was added.
  • The question "How to run a makefile script instead of an emulator?" was updated.


  • Section "Further information on assembler programming" was added to the installation section of the IDE. The new section contains links to readily formatted source code includes and examples.


  • The toolbar icons now work correctly with newer Eclipse versions.
  • Atari 8-bit Graphics 12 Converter works again.
  • The graphics editor now correctly closes the input stream for image files.
  • Empty selection and too large numbers no longer lead to exceptions when opening the context menu for "Convert...".
  • Pressing refresh in the graphics converter now always updates the image pane correctly, not only if the size has changed.
  • Inline repeats like ":64" in MADS are no longer detected as labels.
  • Hex Editor now correctly detects erroneous COM files if the segment length exceeds the file length (by one).
  • Disk images (for Apple II) are now updated if only "Compile" instead of "Compile and Run" is used.
  • Apple Commander integration is now part of the installation, as it should have been with 1.6.3.
  • The HELLO program generated for the auto-start disk images of Apple II now displays a title and uses "BLOAD/CALL" instead of "BRUN" because of this bug in Apple DOS.
    10 PRINT "Loading <title>" : PRINT CHR$(4);"BRUN WORLD" : CALL <address>