WUDSN ursel - or short WUDSN - is a demo group founded in 1991. There is an explanation why the group and the site are named like that, but that's a different story you can find in the FAQ. For the time being it should be sufficient for you to know that I, Peter Dell aka JAC! am one of the members ever since. I have created this website to offer my tools and productions and to share the fun I have had for more than 20 years now with my Atari-8 bit computer and other classic computers. To learn more about me and what I'm doing, check out this personal interview that I gave for ANTIC - the Atari 8-bit podcast.

Jason Kelk neeeds your support!

Jason Kelk, a.k.a. TMR of Cosine, has been a great supporter of the Aari 8-bit for many years. COVID-19 caught him in March 2019 and he has spent over 1 year in hospital with a tracheostomy, fighting for survival. He is slowly getting better now. But he and his wife will need financial support to make room in their house so can he return home one day. Join Sue's gofundme campaign to Help get Jason home!