The "AtariSIO tools" are a set of command line tools to handle "ATR" and "COM/XEX" files. Mathias Reichel created them, and they are available on his website Since I am now familiar with Git and Git Hub and own an Intel & Apple Silicon macOS machine and a Linux VM, I've created binary builds and uploaded them to the WUDSN Tools Git Hub repo for your convenience.


  • adir displays the directory of an ATR disk image.
  • ataricom shows the details of an Atari COM/XEX file.
  • dir2atr creates an ATR disk image from a folder of files.

The binary versions have been compiled by

  • Peter Dell (linux-86-64, macos-aarch64, macos-x86-64, windows-x86-64)
  • Sanny from AtariAge (macos-ppc).