R.I.K. organized another edition of H.A.T.Z., and I had the luck of being there for full three days. On day one, I checked all the Atari computers I had brought. Then Roland Wassenberg and I reconstructed the type-in assembly game "Gunfight". Lots of fun with the assembly source not matching, and the assembly listing is even different from the printed memory dump. I think the author didn't use the assembler described in the book. On day two, I created a new version of "The!Cart Studio" with several fixes since the last stable release in 2020. I also managed to add support for the latest Boot Manager version from 2022, which has been used by all Homesoft disk compilations recently. The rest of the day, I coded in Mad Pascal and Mad Assembler to get the graphics and colors rights in a "soon" to-be-released game by R.A.F. On day three, I made "The!Cart Studio" work again with Java 8 so existing users can use it without problems. Thanks to Tron04 for the quick feedback and testing. Then I created a small tool in HTML and Javascript to convert texts for Mad Assembler. With this, I'll be able to improve the built-in help texts of MADS. Ultimately I spent the rest of the day enjoying the never-ending thrill of using tape drives. It is unbelievable what can go wrong - EVERYTHING!

Nevertheless, it was a great time with lots of fun. On day four, Tigerduck and I played a few rounds of Robix  (by Raster) and Scorch (by Pirx and the team). And ultimately, with the support from the guys from Pigwa, my video tutorials are now all also available there for download - just in case youtube goes down one day :-)

Thanks to everybody who participated; this was a lot of fun. See you at Fujiama!