Both packs contain a disk image in MyDos format with all Atari 8-bit releases of SillyVenture 2020+1 Summer Edition and SillyVenture 2021 Winter Edition. They include a results viewer, which also acts as a menu where you can directly start all releases and read the readmes. The menu remains memory resident, so you don't have to load it again every time. This makes watching the graphics entries and listening to the music entries much more fun, esp. on a real machine. These are the controls for the menu:

  • Pressing any key while loading the menu takes you to the DOS shell.
  • Pressing RESET in the menu performs a cold start.
  • Pressing RESET in while a release is running returns to the menu, if possible.
  • Further controls are displayed in the menu itself.

The downloads come with a pre-configured Altirra, which you can run with the required settings by simply clicking the "SillyPack2k20_1SE.bat" or "SillyPack2k21WE.bat" file.